The day I got to know Adam Meakins

Not only my own, but also the experience of famous physiotherapists confirms that the fundamental principle of our profession has to be responsibility for the client – the person who entrusts his own health and body to us. I personally feel deeply responsible for the techniques I use with my patients. During my practice, from time to time, I have encountered numerous popular treatment strategies that turned out to be ineffective. How is it possible to consciously apply these methods and be aware of their ineffectiveness? I feel love and respect for every client as a human being, therefore I cannot suggest him widespread treatment strategies based only on their popularity or accessibility. It has to be known that every organism is different and therefore requires treatment adapted to its needs and possibilities.

I support and promote Adam Meakins, acknowledged as the most famous physiotherapist, attitude to working with the client – „there can be no tolerance for weakness“. In other words, treatment strategy cannot be based on the personal feelings of weaknesses or wishes of the client, but rather on unbiased objective criteria. By rationally choosing treatment method based on practically and not only theoretically effective knowledge I express my love and respect for each client. Closing your eyes in front of the truth and surrendering to a person‘s weaknesses are incompatible with the responsibility that physiotherapist has for the client.

Maybe because I am young I find it easy to constantly look for and try out new treatment ideas and methods. I like to asses and put new ideas to test as well as the old ones. I have to admit that I have learnt quite a lot of techniques that practically have been proven to be ineffective. I understand colleagues of my practice who after learning and applying a certain method do not want to know anything more, yet alone the criticism of the method they already use or other possible variations of it. I may understand those professionals, but I strongly disagree with them due to my belief that techniques that have no effect have to be dismissed for the sake of science, our clients and ourselves.

I am happy that I am not alone to have these thoughts about my specialty. Adam Meakins, with whom I had the honor to meet at his seminar that took place in Finland 2018, has exactly the same beliefs on practically ineffective treatment methods that I expressed above. During the seminar he provided knowledge of critical clinical thinking, and to make it more persuasive used expressive phrases and swearing. All this serves for determining and choosing rational solutions that are based on science and effectiveness in everyday practice. Therefore one of the favorite Adam Meakin‘s quotes “you can‘t go wrong, going strong” can be applied both for the clients, who seek to maintain their health, and for physiotherapists, who seek for the best results for their clients.